Four Trees – streaming on

TONIGHT at 22:00 (CEST) live streaming on and youtube!

We are broadcasting the premiere of one of the most ambitious projects I have been part of:
with the Four Trees Composers Pool and the Maurice string quartet we realized a multilayered audio-video collage piece, fruit of pandemic-era daily skype talks and a constant feed of videos from all of us, from Pinerolo, Moscow, Oslo and Vienna.
The impossibility to meet in person stimulated us to use new techniques and new forms of composing and controlling improvisation. For example in real-time, using several separate videoconference channels, and absorbing all the streamed material in the sponge of this complex piece.

I had a lot of fun! We showed our vulnerabilities and played with our strenghts, engaging in both enigmatic and ironic challenges.
The Maurice quartet has been really receptive and creative: they were able to catch and incarnate the spirit of the composition.

I’m excited to share this material with you and to hear what you think about it!


P.S. the Four Trees are:
Marina Poleukhina
Alexander Chernyshkov
Vladimir Gorlinsky
Dario Fariello

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